Tetaş Elektronik has started in 1998 with producing electronic tachograph ATKG-1.

In 2001, we have produced our first taximeter TK-1919 which has a removable front panel, in 2003 we entered the market with TK-1453 which is the first taximeter in EN-50148 European Standarts. In 2004, we have produced light direction panel for buses and exported it to Algeria. In 2005 we have introduced electronic tachograph TK-452 to the market which has LCD graphic screen, thermal printer and then after 1 year we exported it to Syria.

In 2008, we have produced A1 model taximeter which is the first taximeter with Rear-view Mirror, appropriate for MID Europe Scale Tools Regulations.

Taximeter With Rearview Mirror - A1
TK 1453 Taximeter
TK 452 Tachograph
Vehicle Tracking System
Scrolling Message Led Panel
Isuzu ? Algeria Sliding Writing Project

Our company producing Digital Light Guide Plate, has implemented OEM Sliding Writing projects mounted from ISUZU factory and factory from Algeria in 2004.


Vehicle Tracking System

Systems providing location determination and tracking of every kind of road, air and sea vehicle on the maps by signals from the satellites.

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